Saturday, 13 September 2008

Elvis Exhibition Comes To Sussex

I'd like to bring you some exciting news. Essential Elvis UK has joined forces with Coopers Jewellers in order to offer a unique six-week exhibition showing a number of impressive items once owned by the King himself, Elvis Presley.

The exhibition will be seen at Coopers Jewellers in Hove, East Sussex from September 20th (next Saturday) and will include twenty artefacts consisting of clothing, jewellery, items from Graceland and various paperwork.

Simon Cooper, owner of Coopers Jewellers, is delighted to give us fans and music aficionados the opportunity to view such incredible items in his store under safe and secure conditions - completely free of charge.

Items on display will include...

Elvis' worn "Girl Happy” shirt
Elvis’ Racquetball Racket
Elvis’ US Army Belt
A Personally Signed Cheque
Elvis’ Kenpo Karate Pin
Various Police Badges
A White Concert Scarf
Elvis’ Gold Sunglasses
A Genuine TCB Necklace

I'll be at the store every Saturday during the exhibition to meet fans wishing to attend so please show your support for this terrific venture.

For information call me 01903 525917
Simon Cooper on 01273 739000