Thursday, 4 September 2008

So many of you have told us that a good old fashioned Elvis disco would go down really well over the Christmas period. We also feel that it’s time to go right back to basics with a cost effective event that we can all enjoy without breaking the bank. Shayne has been working hard in finding a suitable venue and we’ve been discussing exactly what we need to do in order to offer a cheap night out whilst still keeping a certain amount of class.

So, before we sign on the dotted line, we need to hear from you. The venue will be Worthing Rugby Club and the date is December 27th. You’ll recall from previous years that after two stuffy days trapped indoors with the relatives you’ll be climbing the walls to get out of the house for some fresh air and exercise. We feel that this event could combine the Christmas and New Year festivities and be a great success. Here’s the good part - the cost at the door will be just 99p!!! Yes, you read right, it’ll be under a quid to get it. Now, you tell me where you can enjoy a Christmas / New Year party for less than a pound these days.

We will also have a one-day-only sale on our memorabilia stall - the biggest and most impressive in the UK. Not only will you save on postage and packaging costs, but there will be reductions on everything, including FTDs. We’ve pencilled in the date with the venue, but nothing has been finalised as yet. We need to hear from you first. Please pick up the phone, write or email with your support for this event.