Monday, 6 October 2008


Here's a quick story that you may find interesting. This morning, whist on the train travelling to Hove to make some adjustments to the exhibition there, I noticed that the guy sitting opposite me was wearing several huge rings. As the journey continued I became aware that each ring was a replica of one that Elvis once wore. I spotted Elvis' wedding ring, and several others that I recognised as pieces of jewellery that once adorned the fingers of the King.

When a guard came through the carriage to check tickets I heard the guy say that he was getting off at Hove, so I decided to ask him if he was on his way to see the exhibition in the high street. He explained that he had a hospital appointment and needed to get back home soon afterwards, but my suspicions were right, he was "a huge fan".
As he'd not heard of the exhibition I told him a little about some of the incredible things on display, including clothing and personally owned jewellery, and it's all free.

He listened, screwed up his face and said, "Nah, I'm not really interested."

I'm now halfway through boxing up the exhibition early.