Sunday, 26 October 2008

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Barbara Hearn coming soon!

If you ever had any doubt that our magazine is the best Elvis publication in the world today, this information will confirm that fact for sure.

After years of searching, I have finally tracked down Elvis' 1956 Memphis sweetheart, Barbara Hearn. I had a long phone conversation with Barbara this week and she has agreed to meet up in January and conduct her FIRST fan-based magazine interview. You'll be able to read Barbara's intimate memories of her relationship with Elvis. This will be a worldwide exclusive and we're sure it'll be the talk of the Elvis world for quite some time.

Whenever we've conducted polls or asked for feedback regarding our interviews, the majority of those asked have always expressed a desire to read an interview with this lady. Barbara has kept tight-lipped over the years, so please do not miss this ground-breaking interview.

The interview, which will be printed in our March / April 2009 edition, will not appear on the internet or in any other publication, so please keep your subs up to date.

Oh, we're working on Barbara being at one of our Memphis events in January too!