Thursday, 23 October 2008

If you're a subscriber to our magazine, you're in for a terrific few months indeed. Today I sent the November / December issue to the printers and it's packed full of the usual articles, features, reviews and interviews. A few big scoops in this one... Ann-Margret, George Hamilton and Elvis' 1975 girlfriend, JoCathy Brownlee.

I've recently had some dealings with another of Elvis' close friends, Barbara Little (see the three photos above). Most fans may not be aware that Barbara was Nr. Nick's secretary in Memphis and from 1960 she dated George Klein. Barbara and George finally married in 1970 with Elvis as GK's Best Man. So, Barbara Klein (as she became) was around Elvis a great deal, and he really loved her.

Anyway, I'll be seeing Barbara in Memphis in January and so look out for an indepth interview in the Spring. We'll bring you Barbara's intimate memories and recollections about her years with Elvis... only in EE:UK.