Friday, 14 November 2008

FTD Update

I received a telephone call from Roger Semon this afternoon during which we discussed the situation regarding Amazon selling FTD releases at extremely low prices. Ernst and Roger are extremely unhappy about the offer and have explained that they believe a dealer has been supplying Amazon (rather than Amazon obtaining stock directly from FTD, which they refuse to do). This goes against FTD policy and the individual involved may soon have his / her account terminated once an investigation comes to fruition.

This means that there is every chance that Amazon will NOT receive stock of the Elvis In Person title after all, and those who have purchased to make a saving may NOT have their orders fulfilled. Please be very careful if you've chosen to boycott your regular dealer as you are NOT guaranteed to receive your order from Amazon.

In addition, Amazon are choosing to sell this particular title at a huge loss. It's a sales technique that's not uncommon for large companies to undertake to "oik" in potential customers, especially as FTD is a series. The rest of the FTD titles are, of course, much more expensive. So, to clarify, we (the regular Elvis dealer) are not selling these CDs at a huge profit.

To those who continue to support the Elvis dealer by giving us your custom - We appreciate your loyalty.

Enrst Jørgensen has confirmed that the upcoming FTD, I'll Remember You, will be the midnight show from February 3rd 1973 and not the dinner show. Elvis only sang I'll Remember You at the dinner show (and not at the midnight show) therefore, the song has been included as a bonus track. Ernst says that not only was Elvis in great spirits for this show, but the sound quality is outstanding.