Monday, 1 December 2008

No More JAT Products From EE:UK

Within the last few minutes I have been hit by an unbelievable invoice from Joseph Tunzi in Chicago. After agreeing a wholesale price for his latest Elvis Concerts book, Joe has "clobbered" me for a staggering figure way above what he and I originally talked about. As a result of his phone number-type dealer prices, each book is now costing us just under £32.00 WHOLESALE!!!

Our price to you is £34.99.

Last week I received a rather sharp letter demanding an explanation as to why we charge so much for our products, and this book was mentioned as one of the expensive items in question.

Now, with all the hours of work we have to put into re-packaging and distributing, our profit is just £3.00 per book. If we lose just one copy in the busy Christmas post, the cost / loss to us would make stocking this book completely pointless.

I wonder if the person who wrote the letter might like to take a moment to roughly work out just how many of these books we'd need to sell to even help finance a small part of the expensive day-to-day running of a business in today's economic climate. The only person who is making any kind of decent profit for his efforts is Joe Tunzi himself, to whom we have supported and promoted over many years.

I talk to many dealers and most are unhappy about the cost of Mr. Tunzi's books and DVDs, and many have stopped stocking his products as a result. Unfortunately, we have decided that because of JAT's unrealistic prices and the unwillingness to help those who have stocked his products, we will do the same.

This is what us dealers are up against!

The sad thing is, if we were the kind of tacky organisation that sold rubber ducks and Elvis nutcrackers, we'd be making a great profit and units sold would probably be extremely high. We will certainly stay as we are, offering only quality memorabilia, but those like Mr. Tunzi certainly make it difficult for us to offer our customers sensible prices. We'll continue to do all we can to remain realistic with our prices and our service, even though some of the wholesalers do the opposite.