Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Our Exhibition At Coopers

You'll be pleased to know that our exhibition at Coopers Jewellers in George Street, Hove will begin on Saturday March 7th. It will there for several weeks and I will be there in person each and every Saturday.

Here's the flyer for the event. Please feel free to click on it and print it out. Any help with advertising would be appreciated.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - After a meeting with Simon Cooper recently, we have decided that it may be better for everyone if the exhibition is scheduled for a little later in the Spring when the weather is a bit warmer and brighter. We know that for many, coming to the South coast means a long trip and it makes far more sense travelling to Hove when you can also spend some quality time shopping, sightseeing, having lunch etc.

So, the new launch date is now Saturday, May 9th.