Monday, 11 May 2009

EE:UK on Meridian ITV News

Meridian News filmed myself and many Elvis items at Coopers Jewellers today. So, those of you in Sussex, please keep an eye open for a feature on the Elvis exhibition on ITV. Reporter, Malcolm Shaw, informed us that because of several party political broadcasts, the piece will be aired either tomorrow (12th) or Wednesday (13th) on Meridian News (ITV1, 6pm).
UPDATE - Looks like it's tomorrow night (13th)... hopefully!
FURTHER UPDATE - Okay, this is frustrating.
Hopefully tomorrow (14th).
EVEN FURTHER UPDATE - I just got confirmation that Meridian News will feature the Elvis exhibition (and myself) this coming Saturday (23rd) at 5pm. So, for those in the South, please tune in to ITV1.