Wednesday, 13 May 2009

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Latest Issue Now Out!

Virtually all our UK readers will have received the May / June magazine this morning. It's really one of the most interesting issues so far as it's packed full of brilliant features, honest reviews, unreleased photos and a number of exclusive interviews.

In this edition you'll enjoy a great in-depth interview with Barbara Klein Bauer (George Klein's former wife), and a really interesting chat with songwriter Les Reed (Sylvia and This Is Our Dance). None other than Ken Sharp (author of Writing For The King) has submitted an exclusive article looking at Elvis' 1968 comeback special, which includes several mini interviews. Ken actually spoke to several guys involved in the special for this piece including Steve Binder, Chris Bearde, Bones Howe, Gene McAvoy and Tom Sarnoff.

Subscribers will enjoy a stunning UNRELEASED photograph on the front cover taken at Barbara and George Klein's Vegas wedding at Elvis' Internation Hotel suite on November 5th 1970. The shot is crystal clear in glorious colour, and has never been seen before.

There is also a superb UNRELEASED shot, bought to the Elvis word for the first time only through our magazine, of Elvis playing pool in a bar in Mississippi in 1955.

Please take out a subscription today by clicking here, and your copy will be dispatched immediately.