Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Small (but important) update...

Firstly, due to my trip to Memphis the office will be closed from this Friday (27th) and re-open for business on Monday, December 7th. So, if you could hang on to those emails and wait until we get back until you make those phone calls, that would be helpful. There will be someone at the office, but the order line will be closed during the above period.

I have some incredible things lined up for the new magazine. I'll be visiting some great new places on the Elvis trail. I have meetings with some amazing people for interviews including Barbara Hearn, Dixie Locke, Dr. Nick, George Klein, Bill Morris and Al Holcomb ("Mr. Bear" from the new Gladiator DVD).

Our new website will be up within a few days. Keep your eye open at for something special.

Happy Thanks Giving to our friends in the US.