Thursday, 17 December 2009

New Elvis magazine due January 9th

Well, since returning from Memphis on the 9th I've been sitting in front of my PC putting together the latest magazine, which finally went off to the printers today. It actually turned out to be 68 pages in the end.

Being a man, I've never found multi-tasking easy and so I've not had time to do much else over the last few days. Because the magazine needed to be designed as quick as possible to meet the deadline, my correspondence with many of you has been a little slow.

My apologies for being elusive recently. I have a habit of almost hibernating when I've an important job to do. Anyway, I'm now done, and looking forward to the next week or so with the stress of being a magazine editor over for a while.

Back to the mag...

The next edition will contain some BIG surprises in terms of content and appearance. I've great pleasure in announcing that it'll be in full colour, with a fresh new design. In my opinion, the new look equals anything that you may find on the high street. I'm sure you'll enjoy what myself and the team have been working on.

There is also a ton of great articles, features, reviews and interviews for you to enjoy. Plus the usual news, reviews etc. Here's what to expect with our next edition...

Andrew Snelgrove tells the story of Elvis’ beloved ranch in Mississippi and reports on its fate with recent photos taken earlier this month.

I've gathers the entire Alden family and talked to them about the short time that they shared their lives with Elvis Presley. This long and indepth interview (with sisters Ginger, Terry & Rosemary, brother Mike (who worked security for Elvis in 1977) and mother, Jo) includes RECENT PHOTOS OF GINGER AND HER SISTERS TAKEN THIS MONTH!!!

Trevor Simpson takes a detailed look at Elvis’ demob from the US Army and his visit to Prestwick Airport almost 50 years ago.

An article from Peter Lewry detailing Elvis’ first Stax session in 1973.

Trevor Simpson exclusively interviews Elvis songwriters Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley.

Shayne Driscoll has unearthed a fascinating lost Elvis interview from Las Vegas in 1971.

Trevor Simpson’s article / interview with Dobie Gray; songwriter, singer and Elvis influence.
Please make sure that your subscription is right up to date as you'll not want to miss this bumper 75th birthday edition of the world's brightest Elvis magazine.