Monday, 25 January 2010

A Minnesota Minute - New book!

MRS will publish its first standalone book as a limited edition only release. The 9×11 inch hardback book contains 100 pages in full colour gloss print, featuring the photographic works of Tim Healy in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Elvis show on October 17th 1976.

As the Minneapolis Tribune reported at the time, “Elvis is in as good shape as ever and, of course, as a performer on stage, singing or just fooling around, he has more charisma than a dozen other top performers combined. Will Elvis endure? Judging by the screams of the audience he’s in no trouble.”

With Elvis slimmed down and performing better than earlier in the year, Tim Healy’s exclusive photographs manage to visually capture Elvis’ new-found enthusiasm effortlessly and in an uncannily realistic way. MRS are proud to release this new look at Elvis in 1976 and all the photographs contained in the book are completely unreleased. The upcoming FTD release of A Minnesota Moment front cover (out on February 15th), is also the work of Tim Healy.

This book will only be limited to 1500 copies worldwide and will be released on February 15th.