Sunday, 7 February 2010

Laugh Out Loud

Just minutes ago I was talking to Shayne Driscoll (one of the famed Peckham Driscoll brothers) about our recently announced Fun In Worthing event in June (scroll down for more information). Shayne asked what kind of interest I'd had. I explained that several people had enquired as to who the guest was going to be. As there's clearly no mention of a guest on the flyer and as we are charging just a fiver to get it, we assumed that it was obvious as to the kind of event we were offering.

"Maybe we could just get an old bike and raise a few laughs by telling everyone that Elvis rode it whilst singing Mexico." suggested Shayne. "How about finding a huge, ugly Mexican guy and kid everyone that he was that small boy in the movie?" I suggested. Shayne continued with the silliness, "We could just hold up an old bikini and tell them it belonged to Ursula Andress!"

Shayne, in his typical style, finished by saying, "Ah, let's just tell 'em all to jump off a cliff!"

This is why Shayne is our main man!