Sunday, 11 April 2010

Magazine And Shop Updates

Our biggest annoyance right now is the Royal Mail. Finally, after a few nail-biting days, I'm now sure that pretty much all of our subscribers have got the latest magazine, which was posted on March 31st (check out the postmark). We went all out to ensure everyone got their envelopes before the Easter break, but we were let down by the postal system when the mags took over a week to arrive. With the cost to post each issue running well into three figures, I wonder if the Royal Mail might refund some of the charge. You know the answer there, right?!!

We've already had a lot of great feedback from those subscribers who were lucky enough to get their magazines over the last couple of days. Many fans have called into the shop to pick up a copy (and beat the poor service offered by Royal Mail) and it seems everyone is delighted. I'm extremely proud of our publication and I have no problem in openly promoting it as the best Elvis magazine in terms of quality, content and presentation. Of course, it's strength lies firmly with our contributors who regularly produce the best features, articles and interviews ever printed. I thank them for their work, and I thank all our readers for their valued support.

The biggest company dominance right now is our newly opened shop and museum in Sussex (above). It really has been an incredible few weeks with a constant stream of visitors from all over the country. I've enjoyed meeting many regular customers face-to-face for the fist time and seeing lots of new fans who have all been impressed with the store. We've had a great deal of fun and all signs are pointing towards the venture being a huge success.

I must tell one quick story... A couple of weeks ago a rather terrifying skinhead walked into the shop - Dr. Martin boots, bomber jacket and covered in tattoos (including C.F.C. on his forehead!). I was pretty sure that I was about to be robbed and could almost picture the newspaper headlines stating "New Elvis Shop Owner Stabbed By Skinhead". The sight of this guy flicking through the Elvis CDs looked incredibly strange until he turned and asked (in a rather soft voice) if the movie playing on the plasma screen was Clambake. For the following hour we chatted about Elvis movies and how he was raised on the King. His expertise was exceptional. I can tell you, for a few minutes it was hard to match up what I was seeing and what I was hearing. John has called in several times since we've opened and he really is the nicest guy. Elvis really has hit a huge and varied circle of people and you just never know who might be a fan.

It's been great to see so many young Elvis fans visiting, too. Many children have been showing me their Elvis impressions (most better than the grown-up impersonators) and one young guy even insisted on his parents tucking a tea towel in the neck of his T-shirt for a cape!

I'd really like to thank all those who have supported the store over the first few weeks of trading (especially those who travelled long distances and stayed in local hotels). Everyone is very welcome and I can GUARANTEE a courteous and friendly service. Myself and the team look forward to seeing you soon (especially in this sunshine).