Sunday, 2 May 2010

The last few weeks really have been amongst the busiest in years. As Elvis would say, I've been busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking competition! Of course, the biggest news is the opening of our new shop and museum in Worthing.

Although it’s been hard work and costly to launch, I’m pleased to report that it seems to be paying off and all signs currently point towards it being a great success. It’s really a fabulous place with a great atmosphere, not to mention all the wonderful Elvis things for sale. If you’ve not stopped by, please consider doing so soon. You’ll be warmly welcomed.

I’d like to just remind all of you of a few other exciting things that myself and the team are currently working on. With so much going in professionally and privately, one or two things that should’ve been heavily promoted have not been, so please take a minute to take a look at what Essential Elvis UK is planning for the remainder of this year.

• Friday, May 28th

Sara Erwin, Elvis' friend and original Graceland neighbour, will be making the trip from Memphis to Worthing in a few weeks. Sara, who wrote the book entitled Over The Fence, will be signing copies at our shop from 1pm to 3pm.

Why not come and meet Sara, hear some first-hand Elvis stories and find out what it was like to actually live next door to the King. It's worth a visit just to enjoy Sara's Southern drawl!!!

• Saturday, June 5th

You’re also invited to the official opening of the shop / museum from 10am on June 5th with lots of Elvis promotion. Come along at any time during the day to enjoy live entertainment, one-day-only offers and some free give-a-ways for the kids. Please remember that the shop / museum is right on the beach so there's a lot to do in the summer. There’s some wonderful attractions and some excellent bars.

Then, a little later at 6pm, we invite you again to join our Elvis party at the Charmandean Centre in Worthing. Dance the night away with a 100% all-Elvis disco with Shayne Driscoll.

• Wednesday, August 11th

The team at Essential Elvis UK have arranged a one-time-only event at an incredible venue with an equally incredible guest.We have secured exclusive access to the old Tennessee Karate Institute on the corner of Cleveland Street and Overton Park Avenue in midtown Memphis.

This is the location where most of the Gladiator's DVD was filmed. The building is now privately owned, but we are pleased to let you know that the area in which Elvis trained has remained pretty much untouched since 1974.

We aim to celebrate Elvis' dream project with a special guest who also starred in the DVD. We are flying in none other than legendary karate champion Bill "Superfoot" Wallace to be at our event... exclusively!

We are working on other guests, including at least one other who appears in the DVD and who was there when Elvis trained at the TKI. So, come and meet "Superfoot" informally, watch a karate demonstration and enjoy some light snacks and soft drinks. We will also be showing some private footage on a big screen.

Tickets are UK£20.00 (Approx. US$32.00)Tickets must be purchased in advance and are on sale now by clicking here.

• Friday, August 13th


Meet Barbara Hearn, Dixie Locke, JoCathy Brownlee, Barbara Klein Bauer and others.

This year we will offer fans something unique in terms of a combined tour of the sights and a great dinner at Elvis’ favourite Italian restaurant. For the first time ever we will re-united two of Elvis’ early girlfriends, Barbara Hearn and Dixie Locke, to meet fans and reminisce about their time with Elvis during his breakthrough years.

But that’s not all. We are still in talks with other exciting guests who may join us during the evening.


Pick-up points will be at the Peabody (11am), Heartbreak Hotel (12am) and outside the Insider’s event in Southaven (1pm). Our party will then visit Elvis’ former Circle G Ranch in Mississippi and up to sixty-five sights towards south Memphis, downtown and midtown. You’ll enjoy an in depth look at various sights with commentary from Elvis historians and researchers.We will provide a light snack aboard our luxury, air-conditioned coach to see you through to the evening, and there will be several stops enabling you to take photos and to stretch those legs. As Elvis often said, “Just sit back and leave the drivin’ to us.”


Myself and the team have worked extremely hard in discovering and researching new places to visit in Memphis. If Elvis was once there then we want you to see it. We have recently discovered new sights as a result of several interviews with those who spent time with Elvis in Memphis. As a result we will visit a number of new buildings and telling some incredible stories that until now, have remained untold.We have exclusive access to one building that has never been viewed by fans. We’ll get you inside and offer some new information and pictorial evidence relating to Elvis’ time there. This will be a highlight of the tour and we’d prefer to keep the details of this location under wraps for now.We'll even show you Elvis' secret escape route from Graceland and talk to a local who often witnessed him using it!


Our evening meal, starting at around 6pm, will be at Coletta’s Italian Restaurant where we’ll show you Elvis’ private booth and introduce you to those who actually served him. In addition, we’ve arranged a banquet of barbeque pizza (Elvis’ preferred dish there), salads and plenty ice cold Coke. This warm and friendly eatery had changed very little since Elvis’ day and you’ll really feel as though you’re walking in the King’s footsteps.


Here come the girls! Ever wondered what it was like to date Elvis or to be the wife of one of his famed Memphis Mafia? We have several impressive guests lined up along the way, including Barbara Hearn and Dixie Locke. These two incredible ladies were both romantically linked with Elvis during the mid-1950s and their stories are incredible.

JoCathy Brownlee worked as a hostess for the Liberty Bowl Stadium in 1975 when she first met and dated Elvis. This lady sure has some incredible memories of being at the movies, hanging out at Graceland and kicking up dust around Memphis!

Barbara Klein Bauer was a real insider. She met Elvis in 1960 and married George in 1970, with Elvis in total charge of the wedding. Barbara has kept relatively quiet over the years but we have persuaded her to join us to talk about her time as a true member of Elvis’ elite inner circle.You’ll get to meet all our guests informally, have photos taken and obtain some stunning signed photographs.


This incredible event will be limited to just 75 places. Your ticket will arrive through the post as a special collectors pass to be worn throughout the event. Price includes a light snack in the afternoon and a quality dinner in the evening (includes tax and tip). Tickets must be purchased in advance.UK£40.00 per person (Approx. US$60.00).
You can book your guarantee places TODAY by clicking on our safe and easy purchasing page here.

Any questions? Email: enquiries@essentialelvis.