Monday, 25 October 2010

Suspicious Minds - Already A Lost Cause?

From the minute we opened this morning angry fans have been calling regarding the new Suspicious Minds single – out today (supposedly).

All over the country there have been staff at HMV stores scratching their heads regarding the release, and it seems most don’t even know anything about it. Now, this isn’t the fault of HMV’s staff, but Sony Music who should ensure all high street stores are aware of the single and are carrying sufficient copies.

Many of you are feeling understandably upset but I really can’t answer for another supplier, especially when WE are advertising / selling the new single. If you chose to purchase on the high street rather than support a 100% Elvis organisation then you might just come across people who don’t give a monkey’s about Elvis. But we do! You can get the single from us and yes, we do count towards chart figures (as if there’s any point!).

Whilst I’m getting things off my chest – I’ve lost count of how many people are walking around The Elvis Shop with Clinton Cards or Calendar Club bags containing the 2011 Elvis calendar when we sell them at the same price. Come on guys!

Just had a reply from the regional sales manager at Sony who says, “Apparently a 7 inch and CD single of the new album mix of Suspicious Minds is due at the end of November.” but a second email a few minutes later states, “I’ve just been told this has changed to pending and might only be released as a download track. No physical formats. Still waiting on confirmation, so I would not take any orders at the moment. It’s looking unlikely.”