Tuesday, 5 October 2010



The last couple of weeks have certainly been both hectic and exciting. The big break-away between Arena Travel and the OEPFC has dominated the news and I have no doubt that the split will mean that we can all work together a lot more easier to unite the UK Elvis scene. For the first time in many years I now feel that there is a clear road ahead allowing me to step things up a gear.

I've already noticed a large serge in subscribers, Facebook friend requests and visitors to our Elvis shop in Worthing. Fans who have always felt restricted by ‘Elvis politics’ are now offering their support and being a part of our organisation, and for that I am truly grateful.


Although we are enjoying healthy subscription figures there are still many of you that believe we are in some way inferior to any official group, which is disappointing. If we are to succeed with our plans to ensure British fans receive the best possible value we need more of you to support us. Please, allow us to prove that we are the best.
Take out a subscription today and I personally guarantee you a superb, full-colour publication packed full of exclusive reviews, articles and interviews intelligently written by the best Elvis researchers and historians in the business.

We have already began working with David Wade of Arena travel in support of the greatest Elvis-themed events and holidays, and the first of many advertisements appear in our latest edition.

You deserve a fan magazine that you can be proud of. You deserve a magazine that you look forward to receiving, and it‘s now available for you to enjoy. So, subscribe today and receive news of some great deals and offers for Christmas (with items as much as half the price offered elsewhere).

Visit our main website for subscription details at http://www.essentialelvis.com/subscribe.php


Our Oct / Nov / Dec issue is now at the printers and will be ready to distribute to several thousand of you within days. It will arrive slightly later than usual due to several last minute news items and announcements that we’ve felt important to include. When it appears on your doormat shortly you will enjoy the latest Sony Entertainment news regarding the Viva Elvis album and Suspicious Minds single. There’s an in-depth review of the Elvis Forever event in Hyde Park and a report on Elvis Week 2010. Watch out for a couple of superb interviews and a number of other fantastic features and rare photographs. It really is a fantastic edition and I hope you enjoy it.


I sent out a rather cryptic message a couple of weeks ago about a potential event we’ve been working on for December 4th. Unfortunately, the group we were wishing to book have a problem with returning phone calls and after leaving a number of messages and not receiving any return calls we have had no choice but to boycott the idea. I know several of you have been asking for more information about the event, so I apologies for the disappointing news.


To close this online update I’d like to thank those of you who have taken the time to contact us in support of the latest news regarding our future with Arena Travel. With your support we will be working hard to uplift the whole Elvis fandom here in Great Britain. The future really does look bright ahead!