Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Unfortunately, due to a rather disappointing retail year I’ve decided to close the Elvis Shop & museum with immediate effect. It’s with regret and frustration that I have to announce the closure, but like so many businesses, it’s just not feasible to continue with a retail unit that is simply not making any kind of profit.

Sadly, although it has been wonderful to see a handful of regular customers, it’s obvious that this kind of venture is not something that attracts a large number of fans.


It’s virtually on a daily basis that fans tell me that if they lived closer they’d be in the store all the time. The location of the store has not been the problem. No matter where in the country we are situated, we will always have been a long way from someone. We’ve advertised extensively both locally and countrywide, plus we have a busy website and a huge Facebook group. In my opinion, the problem has mainly been the lack of support, the ever-present Elvis politics, and the fact that Worthing is an extremely seasonal town.


It’s important for everyone to know that the store closure does NOT affect the company in any way. Essential Elvis UK and it’s publication remains a healthy business and by weeding out ventures that are not profitable, we can ensure that there is a great future ahead. Our mail order department is extremely busy (with 85% of our overall sales), and the magazine now has a record number of loyal subscribers. It’s just our retail idea that has not taken off as well as expected.


The end of our presence on the high street means that we can now spend more time on some exciting ideas for 2011, including a proposed series of collector’s fairs ensuring those customers who enjoyed regular visits to the store can still purchase their Elvis items in person and browse new releases.


So, as Essential Elvis UK reverts back to Internet purchasing (isn’t everyone?) and phone orders, I’d like to thank those fans that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Montague Place. The support was definitely there, but the measure just wasn’t large enough to sustain my dream of owning an Elvis shop.