Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ex-sheriff and Elvis friend confirms as EE:UK guest

The rather debonair gentleman on the left is none other than Gene Barksdale, ex-sheriff of Shelby County. Gene was a close friend to Elvis and his father Vernon and it was he who swore Elvis in as a special deputy sheriff in 1976. Gene received many great gifts from Elvis, including a beautiful pistol with engraved grips, which he still has.

Well, Mr. Barksdale has agreed to be our special guest, along with Barbara Leigh and George Klein, at Marlowes on EP Boulevard on January 7th 2009. This will be our first annual luncheon and we hope you'll come along to support us and to meet Mr. Barksdale.

Within the next few days we will be adding the luncheon to our "events" page where you'll be able to purchase tickets.

Watch this space!