Monday, 12 January 2009

Sadly, it's true...

Yes, the rumours are true. FTD dealers in the UK recently received an email from Roger and Ernst, dated January 8th 2009, informing us that the price of all FTD titles will increase immediately by a massive 30%.

Obviously we are aware that this is a huge price increase, and many fans have been contacting us to voice their opinion on FTDs decision, which will see CDs soaring to around the £20.00 mark.

At a time when music fans are downloading albums for free online, and supermarkets are selling chart CDs for as little as £8.99, we sympathise with those who have emailed the office informing us that they can no longer justify spending around £20.00 on a CD, especially when FTD are releasing as many as three at once, several time each year.

We are concerned at the amount of disappointment expressed over the price increase, and we sincerely hope that the decision doesn't damage the label by way of poor sales and bootlegging. We feel our hands are tied on this one and we have no alternative but to pass on the 30% increase to our customers. As of today, our FTD titles will be £19.99. All current stock will remain at the old price of £14.99 until sold (regardless of the price seen on the site). Once new stock is ordered (older titles included) the new price of £19.99 will take effect. Please call the office on 01903 525917 if you wish to discuss the matter or you'd prefer to order over the phone.

It's a rather gloomy day for Elvis fans I'm afraid!
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