Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cooper's Exhibition To Wrap This Weekend

Myself and Simon Cooper have made a decision to close the Elvis exhibition this Saturday (May 30th). Even with extensive magazine and media advertising, along with a decent slot on ITV's Meridian News, the venture attracted very few fans. The exhibition has been free to visit for over three weeks now, and less than 10 fans made a special effort to attend. It seems that very few people are interested in viewing such artifacts.

I'd like to thank those who did support us. Tony Stuchbury joined us from Bolton in Lancashire, Andrew Jones travelled from Cardiff, Wales and a handful of fans came down from London and along the coast from Portsmouth. We were pleased to see a couple of local fans, but were disappointed than many fans is the Sussex area were unable to find the time to support the venture.

The problem? We neglected to have an impersonator as part of the exhibition. If we did have, we would've certainly been killed in the stampede. Our biggest problem is that we offered something that was 100% "Elvis". We know from sources like Facebook that the fans who we would've liked to have seen at Coopers were busy with impersonator events elsewhere, in their hundreds.

Visiting Coopers Jewellers This Weekend?

If you're thinking of coming to see the exhibition on Saturday for its final day, please be aware that I will not be there in person. I have an important engagement that I need to attend instead - A barbecue!